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1. Am I able to have service if I am outside of the greater Montreal region?

Yes, Allfett Solutions is a member of Groupe Alltech as a distributor of a wide range of maintenance and security products for heavy machinery, transportation and industrial. Allfett caters to the sales, installations and services for the greater Montreal region.

Alltech Group has implicated a distribution network in order to assure service in your region. With over 12 distributors across eastern Canada, Alltech Group puts at your disposal a real network giving you service regardless of the place you are located. Our distributors are highly qualified and trained in accordance to our standards which permits them to do installations and service calls whether on the worksite or at your company.

The experience of our distributors generates a strength to our network. Together we are a team who is at your service!



1. Does Allfett offer financing?

Yes, Allfett Solutions now offers financing for their products. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your future projects which require financing.

FAQ - PFREUNDT Weighing system

1. Are Pfreundt scales standardised?

Certain models only : WK50 & WK50S. The WK60 series is currently awaiting approval.

2. Are pfreundt scales within accordance with the SOLAS convention?

The WK60 SWT balance is legal for the trade. It has SOLAS certification for the installation on container stackers.

FAQ - BLAXTAIR Pedestrian protection

1. Is the BLAXTAIR sealed from dust?


2. Can the lenses get easily scratched

No, the lenses are made of tempered glass.

3. Is it possible to replace the lenses?

Yes, At all times by an authorized distributor. The dust may not enter the head of the device while changing the lenses.

4. Can the BLAXTAIR system lower my CNESST premiums?

No, a blaxtair installation is not directly linked to a lower premium. All though the blaxtair is a tool that will make your worksite more secure. The CNESST premium may in long term lower due to less accidents. Contact your CNESST representative for further information on this subject.

5. Is the BLAXTAIR system sensitive to magnetic fields?

Nor the Blaxtair and nor the VCAS are sensitive to magnetic fields. This is a major strength to the VCAS versus the competitors who work in frequency zones (Megahertz) which makes them vulnerable to magnetic fields on the worksite. VCAS functions on 2.4 gigahertz thus making it less sensitive.

FAQ - LASERLINE Laser Guidance

1. Is the Laserline visible during the day?

Yes, The Laserline system uses a light-green beam of ultra-bright class 111A with the power of 5mw.

Glasses are available to increase visibility during sunny days.

2. Is the LASER LINE system (snow removal assistance) is designed for use in cold weather?

Yes, This laser is coupled to a special heat source for the exit window to reduce or eliminate ice build-up on the front of the laser output lens.

The GL3000PMC also has a unique pneumatic snow removal system incorporated with the laser housing that automatically fires a blast of air at the front of the laser lens every 5 seconds. This removes snow build-up from the laser output lens.

FAQ - MEGA Range limiting device

1. Is MEGA the range limiting device conform with the safety codes for the construction industry?

Yes, for each installation an engineer issues a certificate certifying the system is conform.

2. How long is the engineer certificate good for?

The certificate is valid for 1 year of the date of installation of the range limiting device. It is recommended to have the system inspected every year in order to obtain a new engineer certificate.

3. How to program my range limiting device?

The programming of the range limiting device is very simple. You can view the YouTube channel of the Alltech Group.




FAQ - ALLFETT Greasing system

1. Where does Allfett lubrication systems come from?

ALLFETT Mekanik is the manufacturer of the Allfett products. They are located in Istanbul, Turkey. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing lubrication systems of all types. Allfett Mekanik has a professional approach due to their knowledge and experience.

Allfett Solutions is the distributor for installations in the Greater Montréal region.

2. During the seasonal change of grease, how can I be certain that my old grease is compatible with my new grease?

Allfett Solutions has a list of recommended grease which are suggested for the systems. You can consult your user manual in section 3 or contact your representative.




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